Procedure and Costs

Procedure and Costs

From the first appointment to further sessions

Procedure and Costs

From the first appointment to further sessions

Appointment information

My sessions usually take 90 minutes. At first we get to know each other and you will have time to explain where your problems lie. Then we will set about taking further steps. Usually the next sessions follow in fortnightly intervals. Sometimes it makes sense to additionally arrange single sessions with each individual partner. 

Couples in a crisis need quick and effective help

The Costs*

The costs of couples therapy are unfortunately not covered by the health insurance, although couples therapy has proven to be more effective for a row of psychological illnesses such as depression or adjustment disorder.
My fees include the session itself as well as intensive preparation and post processing, in which I invest a lot of time. Your relationship is precious and I ensure you, that I do my uttermost best with my time, energy and professional engagement to improve your relationship as soon as possible.

Session couple therapy: 210 Euro
Session individual therapy:  140 Euro

* If couples therapy is not aimed at the treatment or prevention of a psychological disorder such as adjustment disorder or depression, then the treatment does not clearly fall under according to § 4 No. 14 letter a UStG and then 19 % VAT must still be added. However, since the quality of relationships has been proven to have a strong influence on our mental health (as a large number of scientific studies show), the indication for psychotherapeutic or psychopreventive intervention is given in almost all cases. Emotion-focused couples therapy is clearly a form of psychotherapy as a curative and preventive treatment (as opposed to pure counselling) because of its methodology and its effects.

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Cancel an appointment

If you need to cancel an appointment, please make sure to cancel at least 48 hours in advance by telephone or email. Otherwise I won’t be able to reschedule the appointment for another couple and will have to charge you for the session.