Couples Counselling

Couples Counseling

Professional support in overcoming your relationship crisis.

If your relationship is out of balance, I am there to give you professional support.

Couples Counselling Berlin Mitte

Are you seeking Couples Counselling in English and German in Berlin Mitte? There are many reasons for Couples Counselling. If you keep on having the same problems in your relationship and are not able to resolve them adequately on you own, then professional support can really help to break those vicious circles.
Maybe you are always arguing or you have nothing more to say to one another? Or you simply have lost that “special feeling”? Sometimes there are also external factors like a move, change of job or an illness that bring about problems in a relationship. But even seemingly happy changes in life like the birth of a child can lead to such decisive changes in your relationship that they result in a crisis. Every relationship is unique and so every Counselling is unique and tailored to your special needs.

Couples Counselling Héloise von Planta, geb. Gruber

What is Couples Counselling in Berlin Mitte about? The crucial point is to gain a deeper understanding of your unique relationship. Couples maybe argue about money, sex, the kids or how to spend the next holiday. But very often the real argument is not about these superficial topics but concerns deeper feelings, lying beneath the surface – deeper needs of which you may not at first be aware. By understanding these underlying needs in the course of the Counselling it becomes possible to find a more loving approach to each other. Furthermore, biographical issues in each partner’s lives can play a role in a relationship. Couples Counselling leads to understanding these complex interrelationships which can bring great emotional relief to a couple. This in turn can lead to a deeper level in a relationship, to a deeper love. This renews and enlivens the relationship and the partners feel emotionally closer. Sometimes a breakup is unavoidable. Couples Counselling doesn’t aim at avoiding a breakup at all costs. Also in the case of divorce and breakup I will give you guidance and support during this very difficult phase in your life.

– German and English
– appointments at short notice possible
– central location in Berlin Mitte near Friedrichstrasse

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Heloise von Planta, Couples Counselling Berlin Mitte.

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Appointment information

My sessions usually take 90 minutes. At first we get to know each other and you will have time to explain where your problems lie. Then we will set about taking further steps. Usually the next sessions follow in fortnightly intervals. Sometimes it makes sense to additionally arrange single sessions with each individual partner. 

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The Costs

The costs of Couple Counselling are not covered by any health insurance. On average couple therapy involves about 10-14 sessions, but this can vary individually. The costs of couple therapy are as following:

Session individual therapy 60 min: 140 Euro

Evening appointments after 5 pm:

Session couple therapy 90 min: 240 Euro

Session individual therapy 60 min: 160 Euro

In case you need to cancel an appointment I request you please to let me know at least 24 hours in advance by telephone or email. If not cancelled in time a cancellation fee of 80 Euro for a session of couple therapy and 50 Euro for an individual session will be incurred. 

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