Couples Therapy

Couples therapy

Professional support in overcoming
your relationship crisis

For a deeper understanding of your unique relationship

There are many reasons for a couples therapy. Not every conflict in a relationship demands a therapy. But if you keep on having the same problems in your relationship and are not able to resolve them adequately on you own, then professional support can really help to break those vicious circles.

Maybe you are always arguing or you have nothing more to say to one another? Or you simply have lost that “special feeling”? Sometimes there are also external factors like a move, change of job or an illness that bring about problems in a relationship. But even seemingly happy changes in life like the birth of a child can lead to such decisive changes in your relationship that they result in a crisis.

Every relationship is unique and so every therapy is unique and tailored to your special needs. The crucial point in couple therapy is a deeper understanding of your unique relationship. Couples maybe argue about money, sex, the kids or how to spend the next holiday. But very often the real argument is not about these superficial topics but concerns deeper feelings, lying beneath the surface – deeper needs of which you may not at first be aware. By understanding these underlying needs it becomes possible to find a more loving approach to each other.

Furthermore, biographical issues in the life of each partner can play a role in a relationship. Understanding these complex interrelationships can bring great emotional relief to a couple. This in turn can lead to a deeper level in a relationship, to a deeper love. This renews and enlivens the relationship and the partners feel emotionally closer.

Make the first step

Breakup and divorce

Maybe you have been thinking of a breakup or even a divorce. It is worth having a look at this more closely and to ask yourselves from what you really want to escape. Is it your partner or is it the unbearable situation your relationship is in? In the course of the therapy I will help you find new ways out of your crisis.

Sometimes breakup is the right solution. Couples therapy doesn’t aim at avoiding a breakup at all costs. Also in the case of divorce and breakup I will give you guidance and support during this very difficult phase in your life.

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