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Professionelle Unterstützung auf Ihrem Weg aus der Krise.

If your marriage out of balance, I am here for you.

Marriage Counselling Berlin Mitte

Marriage counselling in German and English in Berlin Mitte. There are many reasons for marriage counselling. If you keep on having the same problems in your marriage and are not able to resolve them adequately on your own, marriage counselling can help to break those vicious circles.

Even a stable and good marriage can go through a crisis. Sometimes external factors like a move, change of job or an illness bring about problems in a marriage. Maybe you are always arguing or have nothing more to say? Or you have simply lost that “special feeling”? Every marriage is unique and so my marriage counselling is individually tailored according to your special needs.

Marriage Counselling Héloïse Gruber

What is Marriage Counselling Berlin Mitte all about? The crucial point is a deeper understanding of your marriage in its whole complexity. Marriage partners maybe argue about money, sex, the kids or where to spend the next holiday. But mostly the real argument is not about these superficial topics but concerns deeper feelings, lying beneath the surface – deeper needs of which you may not at first be aware. By understanding these underlying needs it becomes possible to find a more loving approach to each other.

Also biographical issues in the life of each partner play a role in a marriage. Understanding these complex interrelationships can bring great emotional relief to a married couple. This in turn can lead to a deeper level of understanding in your marriage, to a deeper love. This renews and enlivens your relationship and makes you feel emotionally closer to your marriage partner.

Maybe you are thinking of a breakup or even a divorce? Sometimes it turns out in the course of the marriage counselling that a breakup is the right solution. Marriage counselling doesn’t aim at avoiding a breakup at all costs. Also in case of breakup and divorce I will give you guidance and support in this very difficult phase in your life.

– English and German

– appointments at short notice possible

– central location in Berlin Mitte near Friedrichstrasse

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Héloïse von Planta, geb. Gruber, Marriage Counselling Berlin Mitte.

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Meine Sitzungen dauern in der Regel 90 Minuten. Bei einem Erstgespräch lernen wir uns kennen und Sie haben als Paar genügend Zeit um zu beschreiben, wo genau ihre Schwierigkeiten liegen. Dann wird das weitere Vorgehen festgelegt. Normalerweise sind dann die weiteren Sitzungen alle 14 Tage, in einigen Fällen auch häufiger. Oft sind auch zwei Einzelgespräche mit jeweils einem Partner sinnvoll.

Die Kosten einer Eheberatung werden von keiner Krankenkasse übernommen und sind immer eine reine Selbstzahlerleistung. Die Dauer einer Eheberatung umfasst durchschnittlich 10-14 Stunden, ist aber individuell vereinbar. Die Kosten für eine Eheberatung finden Sie in dieser Übersicht.

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The Costs

The costs of Couple Counselling are not covered by any health insurance. On average couple therapy involves about 10-14 sessions, but this can vary individually. The costs of couple therapy are as following:

Session couple therapy: 180 Euro

Session individual therapy: 120 Euro

In case you need to cancel an appointment I request you please to let me know at least 24 hours in advance by telephone or email. If not cancelled in time a cancellation fee of 80 Euro for a session of couple therapy and 50 Euro for an individual session will be incurred. 

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